10 Quotes from Everyone’s a Genius

I love reading books that inspire and cause you to dream. Some books draw you in and make the world around you fade away. Other books launch your imagination into overdrive and make the world around you come alive.

Both kinds of books are great reads. They engage your heart and mind. They affect transformation in your life. Alan Briggs’s newest book Everyone’s a Genius: Unleashing Creativity for the Sake of the World is in the second category. When reading this book I found myself frequently daydreaming, not out of boredom, but because he was challenging me to see the world in a new way.

Alan is a friend of mine, and I bought the book to support him. I was confident the book would be good; however, it greatly exceeded my expectations. If you are a creative person and looking for inspiration, then Everyone’s a Genius will be a great place for you to start. On the other hand, if you have never seen yourself as a creative, then this book might be even better for you. Alan will challenge you to see the unique genius that is within you. Everyone’s a Genius will be especially beneficial to leaders in ministry, non-profit, and business who are looking to tap into the potential of those around them.

I’ll share ten of my favorite quotes from Everyone’s a Genius. I hope these whet your appetite. If they do, then you can use the link at the bottom to order the book today!

10 Quotes from Everyone’s a Genius

“God doesn’t see two groups: His gifted children and the rest of us. God did not give the Great Commission to the extremely gifted, the church staff, and the public speaker; He gave it to all of us” (Kindle Location 312).

“Your genius is given by God, confirmed in community, and aimed at kingdom impact” (6).

“When we believe God generates the creativity in us, this leads us instead to a posture of stewardship. When we realize creativity is inspired by God, He can get the worship. He can handle the pressure. Stewards take care of someone else’s resources. Owners create and generate. Our theology of creativity is directly related to our theology of the Creator” (9).

“To unleash anything requires trust. Unleashing people for the sake of the world requires us to trust God and learn to trust people” (21).

“Legalism doesn’t require discernment. A leashed congregation may be easier to lead and control, but that obsession with safety will lead a church toward a slow, safe death. Unleashing God’s people and their creativity is a risk, but it’s a risk we must take” (22).

Alan Briggs, Twitter: @AlanBriggs; Website: AlanBriggs.net

Alan Briggs, Twitter: @AlanBriggs; Website: AlanBriggs.net

“Inspiration can come in a flash, but creative works aren’t completed without blood, sweat, and discipline. You can’t write a book, start a company, or complete an album on a whim” (74).

“We live in a world that wants final-draft excellence with first-draft effort” (78).

“Believing others are born superhuman relieves us of any expectation on ourselves. It can be a convenient way to excuse ourselves from working hard” (80).

“We must learn to celebrate growth and development, not the final product. When we are obsessed with excellence we fail to develop people” (116).

“The best leaders I know are willing to clear out of the way, because the work isn’t about them. The most intelligent individuals don’t feel the need to be the smartest but to draw out the smarts and creativity of others.4 We have become obsessed with being innovative leaders. We need to find other innovators around us and help match them with opportunities. God has created geniuses; we just need to uncover where genius is hiding in others. God makes creative geniuses, but we affirm and launch them” (183).

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